Short Bio

Hyun Bang Shin is Associate Professor in Geography and Urban Studies, and has been in the Department of Geography and Environment since 2008. His research includes the critical analysis of the political economic dynamics of urban development, with particular attention to Asian cities. The main themes of his recent writings include urban redevelopment and displacement, housing, the right to the city, state entrepreneurialism, and cities of spectacle and mega-events.

He was the recipient of the STICERD/LSE Annual Fund New Researcher Award in 2009, which funded his two-year research (May 2009 - July 2011) on the socio-spatial implications of the 2010 Asian Summer Games in Guangzhou, China. He has recently organised workshops in London and Santiago, Chile (together with Loretta Lees, Ernesto Lopez and Hilda Herzer) on Towards an Emerging Geography of Gentrification in the Global South. These workshops were part of the Urban Studies Seminar Series (2011-2012),funded by the Urban Studies Foundation and the Urban Studies journal.

He is also currently involved in URBACHINA, a four-year international research collaboration funded by the EU Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), and in a three-year project on investigating disparities in South Korea, working with three locally based researchers with the funding support from the National Research Foundation of Korea.
He is currently working on a number of publication projects including a co-authored monograph (Polity Press) and a co-edited volume (Policy Press) on critical discussions of gentrification in the global South. His book on Making China Urban is also expected to be published in 2015 from Routledge.

Hyun Shin received his PhD (2006) and MSc (2000) from the LSE, and BSc (1994) from Seoul National University.

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