Thursday, April 08, 2010

Standing on one's own feet

From a very good friend of mine, referring to an "old Indian text the Bhagwad Gita many years ago": "one should fight for the truth and what one believes is just even if it means fighting against those closest to you. Our close ties often make this fight very painful and difficult; but at the end, we have to stand up for our values and beliefs... esp. when we know they are the right ones and true." I am grateful to have a friend like him. Thanks a million.

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Koki said...

좋네. 막상 실천하려니 어려운 일이기도 하구. 함석헌 선생님이 풀어쓰신 바가바드 기타, 들고만 다닌지 어언 몇년인지 몰라.